The SUNTREE (Xiamen) Biological Engineering Co., Ltd is natural herbal extract manufactory. We devote to biotech industry and natural botanical ingredients integrating Research and Development, manufacturing and sales. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of natural herb extract, natural food additive and pharmaceutical intermediate as well as technology research and consultation of food, cosmetic, medicine and healthy product.


SUNTREE developed the production of a variety of plant extract products, We focus on import herb extract,especially on African herb. our main products are Griffonia Seed Extract (5-HTP), Voacanga seed extract(Vinpocetine), Kava root extract,Saw palmetto extract,Pygeum africanum Extract and so on.


We have a biotechnology research and development center, equipped with advanced instruments and equipments. We have established a cooperation with many colleges and universities, such as Xiamen university,North West University and so on.



We strive to become the world’s leading manufacturer of nutritional ingredients and is dedicated to provide the finest products to meet ever changing market demands. Its focus is on building a strong customer base that will enable us to better market our products and services.