Natural medicine market rapid rise plant extracts demand will continue to increase

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Plant extracts is plant as raw material, based on the needs of the use of extraction of the final product, through physical and chemical process of extraction and separation, directional obtain and concentration of one or more active ingredients in plants, without changing the structure and form of the product effectively. Plant extracts is an important part of biological medicine.

Plant extracts is an emerging industry, although the early nineteenth century European countries began to set about production and application of plant extracts, but at that time was just the bud, no scale, let alone constitute an industry. Until the early 1880 s, around the world set off a frenzy of "return to nature", people after feel chemical synthetic drug negative effect of pure natural Chinese herbal medicine produces a sense of security, so as to make the development of plant extracts and unstoppable rapidly, then Germany, Britain, the United States, Italy and other countries have begun to produce Chinese herbal medicine extracts and used in traditional Chinese medicine health food.

Plant extracts the size of the market

In recent years, the world, especially Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions the steady growth of demand for plant extracts greatly stimulated the development of the industry. Released according to the authority of forward-looking industry research institute "plant extracts industry production and marketing demand and investment forecast analysis report, according to data from the 2006 global plant extracts sales of $10.14 billion, 2016, to $33.32 billion, an average annual rate of about 12.63% of market development.